Kim Zolciak Vs. Kim Kardashian: Expensive Wedding Gown War

Spencer Cain
Kim Zolciak Vs. Kim Kardashian: Expensive Wedding Gown War
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Who has just one wedding dress anymore? It’s just bad form! When I get married, I’m definitely going to opt for three different glitter tuxedos just so I can fit in with my two favorite girls — Kim Zolciak and Kim Kardashian.

We all know about Kardashian’s three custom Vera Wang gowns (each allegedly costing around $20,000), but now the details on Zolciak’s outfit changes are here. And trust me, you want to know.

Aside from the USED handmade Baracci wedding dress which was estimated at $58,000 (Lord have mercy…), she also wore an $18,000 mermaid gown decked out in pearls and Swarovski crystals. This past weekend, she tweeted a picture of her third look: a $16,000 jumpsuit (see above), designed by Pnina Tornai, who you may know from your nights watchingSay Yes to the Dress whilechilling with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Chubby Hubby.

Okay, so that’s $92,000. Yes. I just checked on a calculator to make sure of this figure. I don’t think I need to tell you what else you can buy with this type of dough, but needless to say, I would be sleeping on a bed made of Birkins.

Take a look at the gallery above and vote below for which reality star’s triple threat wedding gown collection you liked more. Oh, and if you read this all the way through, I can tell you some very fun info which I recently found out: Miss Sheree Whitfield was one of Zolciak’s bridesmaids (!!!). No word on whether or not any other Real Housewives of Atlanta were involved in the big day, but all I’m thinking about now is the time Sheree tried to pull Kim’s wig off.

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