Kim Kardashian Proves the Best Thing to Wear on a Yacht Is a Hot Pink Bodysuit

Lindsey Lanquist
Kim Kardashian Proves the Best Thing to Wear on a Yacht Is a Hot Pink Bodysuit
Photo: Hollywood To You/Star Max/GC Images.

Not sure what to wear on your next yacht-based getaway? Never fear—Kim Kardashian West‘s Instagram is chock full of outfit inspiration to get you through this exact conundrum. (And people say the Kardashians are good for nothing—psh.)

Today, Kardashian West shared a photo from a recent yacht day spent with friends in Miami. In the post, KKW wears a figure-hugging, neon pink bodysuit—similar to the hot pink bodycon dress she wore to Kylie Jenner‘s birthday party two weeks ago, but longer, with fewer cutouts and presumably more comfortable.

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Half of me thinks the bodysuit looks like something you’d wear while surfing. But the other half is very sure this is the kind of bike short one-piece you could buy at Fashion Nova for $20. The whole thing has a SCUBA instructor hits the club vibe, which is presumably the exact chord you want to strike while partying on a yacht.

Kardashian West accessorized her statement-making bodysuit with metallic sunglasses that look sleek and futuristic, but also vaguely dad-worthy. Since KKW’s wearing them, they skew toward the former—but caveat emptor on this one.

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For what it’s worth, Kardashian West shared another photo from the same yacht adventure about a day ago. This one shows KKW alongside four of her friends—meaning you have five yacht-worthy looks to choose from the next time you secure a boat party invite.

It seems like swimsuits, sunglasses and T-shirts are the go-to for the yacht-going crowd. But why wear any of that when you turn heads in a neon bodysuit, instead?