Kim Kardashian Was Once Named ‘Worst Body of the Week’ Because of Her Cellulite

Kim Kardashian
Photo: Getty Images.

Kim Kardashian wants people to know that everyone has stretch marks and cellulite—even her. The 38-year-old made this clear with the campaign for her latest KKW Fragrances, KKW II and KKW III, which featured unretouched pictures of women of all shapes, shades and sizes—cellulite and all.

In an interview with Refinery29, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star spoke about why showing women in their natural beauty was important to her, despite her history with edited Instagrams and photoshoots, and how her decision for an unretouched photoshoot was inspired by experience with paparazzi and magazines who body-shame her for her cellulite.

“When you do get shot by a paparazzi and you do have cellulite, which you know has definitely happened to me before, it’ll be on the cover of magazines like, ‘Worst Body Of The Week’ and, ‘Look how awful she looks,'” she said. “It’s always so hard on your soul when you see things like that and I see that happen to so many other women and I never thought that was fair. And so to show it in an artistic way just felt beautiful and right and I really wanted to show people that you can be beautiful no matter if you have stretch marks or cellulite.”

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The campaign, which features both models and non-models, was also inspired by the E! personality’s childhood, where she would often read magazines and not see her curvy body represented in the tall, thin women in the pages. “Just to be confident within your own skin—I think I’ve always put forth that message,” she said.

“In the magazines I would look at, everyone was super tall and skinny and I didn’t feel like I had something that represented my curvier body shape growing up. And so I just wanted to show a campaign that supports women of all different shapes to feel confident within themselves.”

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As for how the campaign has affected the mom of three’s own view of her body, she said it hasn’t changed much, as she was already comfortable in her skin. Still, she’s happy to represent other figures and help women feel confident in their bodies, if they weren’t already.

“I’ve been working out a lot and being more confident, so it really hasn’t changed the way that I view my own body. I’ve always been really comfortable in my own skin and I think, to me, it was refreshing to see other people who were as well,” she said. “To see the images, it really looks like art and these beautiful statues as these beautiful bodies.”