Kim Kardashian Without Her Engagement Ring in New Pic

Kim Kardashian Without Her Engagement Ring in New Pic
Photo: Getty

Kim Kardashian is known for engagement rings. First, she was known for them because hers was so gigantic and glittery; then she was known for them because husband Kanye West gave her a second one; then she was really known for them when one of them was taken from her at gunpoint in Paris. Then she went quiet.

But in a new paparazzi photograph of the reality star from Saturday night, no engagement ring whatsoever was to be seen on her hand. Amidst rumors that Kardashian wants to divorce West, and that the pair are living separately after West’s recent hospitalization, this seems like a message of some kind.

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That said, Kardashian has not been photographed much since her attack in Paris, and she understandably hasn’t been flashing her ring around, so this all may be much ado about nothing.

Maybe Kardashian just didn’t feel like wearing her massive ring in public. Or maybe there really is something to the KimYe split rumors. One thing is for sure: We’ll hear more about this soon.

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