Kim Kardashian Wears Fur Bikinis While Playing in the Snow

Just when you think Kim Kardashian can’t possibly do anything quite as absurd as that thing she did before, she goes and frolics in the January snow wearing nothing a fur string bikini and giant fur moon boots. Why? Why not is obviously the better question.

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Not one but three snaps were posted to Instagram and, presumably, taken during a recent ski trip that made a thousand headlines, although they look more like Kim’s social media feed before Henry Higgins Kanye West got ahold of it and decided to nix the harmless Hawaiian Tropic-style bikini pics in favor of photos that are blatantly sex-charged, intimate, and almost pornographic in nature.


But alas, one of the captions says “furkini by Kanye,” so maybe he’s getting into the bathing-suits-that-serve-no-purpose manufacturing game? Regardless, she looks totally normal, comfortable and toasty, no?

One thing’s for sure: That blurry photo of Mariah Carey wearing a bikini in Aspen while walking her dog is starting look more reasonable.