Kim Kardashian Has Fans Wondering if She Voted for Kanye West After Liking This Tweet

Kim Kardashian
Photo: Jen Lowery/MEGA.

Theories as to whether Kim Kardashian voted for Kanye West or Joe Biden in the 2020 election are all over the place, but one take on Twitter seems pretty promising. Fans first shared this speculation on Tuesday, November 3, after the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star took to the social media platform to share an eyebrow-raising selfie.

Like many voters, Kardashian, 40, uploaded a photo of herself showing off her “I Voted” sticker after casting her ballot in the 2020 presidential election. But who, exactly, did she vote for? Kardashian has been less than transparent about her preferred candidate, leaving fans to question if she voted for her husband, Kanye West (the rapper, 43, appeared on the ballot in a dozen states), Joe Biden, or Donald Trump. As it turns out, Kardashian’s selfie was originally posted and later re-uploaded with one major difference—and some fans think the KKW Beauty founder was dropping a hint.

In Kardashian’s original selfie, the reality star was pictured wearing a red dress—a.k.a., the color of the Republican Party. The red attire raised questions over whether Kardashian was wearing it in honor of the party’s presidential candidate, Donald Trump, but she appeared to squash the rumors after reposting the selfie in black-in-white. “I VOTED!!!! Did you?!?!” she wrote in her tweet. “If you are in line when the hours of operation close at the polls, they are required to stay open and allow you to vote, so do not get out of line.”

One Twitter user questioned the switch: “Wait, why did you make it black and white? You had a red shirt on. It’s OK,” they wrote. Another defended the reality star, writing, “Its just a red shirt lol. She probably changed the picture because people think her wearing a red shirt means she’s republican. Looking at her twitter likes very clearly shows she voted for biden.”

Which, brings us to our next point: Shortly after the KKW Beauty founder re-shared her selfie, her Twitter followers did some extra sleuthing and revealed a pretty promising theory suggesting she voted for Joe Biden instead. Kardashian had liked several tweets in favor of the Democratic candidate, including one from Kid Cudi, which read, “Vote for Biden if you a real one,” and another from Biden’s pick for Vice President, Kamala Harris. The KKUWTK star also retweeted Harris’ tweet.

So, it appears unlikely that Kardashian voted for Trump nor for husband Kanye, who wasn’t even on the ballot in Kardashian’s home state of California. Speaking of whom: Kanye West officially conceded from the race on Wednesday, November 4. “WELP,” he wrote on Twitter, before seemingly announcing his plans to run a second time. “KANYE 2024,” he added.

On Election Day, the rapper revealed that he had voted for himself. “God is so good,” he tweeted at the time. “Today I am voting for the first time in my life for the President of the United States, and it’s for someone I truly trust … me.” America couldn’t quite say the same!

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