It’s True: Kim Kardashian Has Her Own Video Game

Leah Bourne

Kim Kardashian has her hands in just about everything from a Sears fashion line to a range of self tanners, but now it seems reality TV’s biggest star has her sights set on video games. Yes, you read correctly, video games.

Kardashian teased the launch of the “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” game with a photo of herself in a recording studio yesterday on Instagram (leading the world to collectively cross its fingers and hope she wasn’t recording an album). Then, a day later, she teased the project on her Instagram and Facebook page with an actual screenshot of the game.

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Now, there’s a full-on video preview of the game itself—which will reportedly be available next week for iOS and Android—that you can watch below. The YouTube preview page for the game promises that players will be able to “create [their] own aspiring celebrity and rise to fame and fortune.” The game also promises the ability to battle paparazzi, visit upscale homes and boutiques, and, of course “date and dump celebs at the best parties and clubs.” (In case you forget that this is a Kardashian game, note the presence of K’s in areas like “Kustomize,” where you can customize your “Star.”)

Yes, Kim K knows a thing or two about that, we’ll give her that, and it’s could be argued that she lives in a kind of alternative reality—so maybe this is actually the best project she’s ever take on?

Naturally, we’re already imagining what the various levels of the game might include. Fending off the paparazzi in sky-high stilettos? Gunning for a Vogue cover? Stockpiling Birkin bags?

Watch a preview of the game below and let us know what you think!