Kim Kardashian Just Shared A Video Of Chicago Playing With A Snake & Honestly, We’re Terrified

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We’re honestly shaking with fear after watching this and we may never recover. Kim Kardashian’s video of Chicago playing with a snake is too much for our scaredy pants souls. Kim and her krew of kiddos along with Khloé Kardashian and True are currently in the Bahamas for vacation. There have been some glorious swimsuit photos–of course, and some rendezvous with pigs. However, this footage of baby Chi playing with a snake is just beyond.

During the trip, Kim and the babies headed to an exotic petting zoo and, Chicago–being brave and badass with her whole 17-months of life decided she wanted to have some fun with a snake. In the video, the adorable tot has a small snake draped around her neck–like it’s a Chanel scarf. You can hear the zookeeper chatting with her as Chi rubs the snake and peers at it curiously. (Our stomach is bubbling as we type.)

At one point the slimy reptile even stuck out its tongue which seemed to delight the little girl. Then a man off-camera is heard saying, “Look at Chi-Chi.” Yes baby girl, look at you because we could literally NEVER.

Kim shared the video with her followers adding the caption, “My brave girl Chicago 🐍.”

Immediately folks began commenting on the video. Khloé said, “She’s crazy! Look how she’s looking at his face. Omg 😮 … I love my brave girl.”  Power actress LaLa Anthony said, ‘I can’t believe she handled that snake like that!!! 🤣🤣WoW.”

Baby Chi is living her best iconic life with snakes and Cheeto puffs. A legend–obviously.

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