The Kim Kardashian Guide to Valentine’s Day Gifts

Beth Stebner


kim kanye valentines 2016 gifts The Kim Kardashian Guide to Valentines Day Gifts


If you’re stumped on what to get your guy for Valentine’s Day, worry not: Kim Kardashian’s got your gifting sorted—and, in the process, maybe help you dress your dude exactly like Kanye (or help him dress you exactly like Kim).

The reality star just released a gift guide with a bunch of Kanye-esque gifts to get the man in your life, ranging in prices from a white Supreme thermal T-shirt ($24) to a $3,100 lambskin bomber (Yeezy, of course). The 11-piece gift guide also includes a pair of black high-top Vans, an $11 gold chain from ASOS (yep), a pair of Yeezy sweatpants ($585), and YSL L’Homme cologne ($67).

Considering Kanye bestowed 150 Christmas presents upon Kim this year (and not one was an $11 piece of jewelry from ASOS), this particular lineup is pretty tame.

Kim didn’t stop there, though! In case you wanted (or needed) her advice on naughty things for the boudoir this February 14, look no further! You can find selections like edible underwear, a stripper pole, and a $10,000 bottle of Armand de Brignac champagne. Or if that’s not kinky enough, Mrs. West also recommends this 50 Shades of Grey riding crop. For the sake of our sanity, let’s not dwell on whether or not this gift guide is based on personal recommendations.

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And don’t think she left out gifts for the ladies. But, with not one but two lingerie sets (one by Agent Provocateur, the other from Fleur Du Mal), some Christian Louboutin matte lip color, a shameless plug for her own fragrance,  and a $9,624 PinMaurizio Diamond Rose Gold Ring, we can’t help but feel like her gifts for women are a little, well, basic, or at least, playing into every stereotype about Valentine’s Day around. Oh well. Happy shopping, all.