10 Things Emblazoned With Kim Kardashian’s ‘Ugly Cry’ Face

10 Things Emblazoned With Kim Kardashian’s ‘Ugly Cry’ Face
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Kim Kardashian has been the literal butt of a lot of jokes lately, thanks to her very naked spread in Paper Magazine. But let’s all remember: This isn’t the first time she appeared nude in front of the world (and no, we don’t mean her infamous sex tape). We’re referring to the November 2010 issue of W Magazine when Kim showcased her bare butt and nipples covered only by metallic silver paint.  On an episode of “KUWTK”, she had a complete meltdown about the shoot, sobbing:

I’m so f–king mad right now. She promised me I would be covered with artwork on top of me. It was so uncomfortable. I’m really honestly freaking out…It really pisses me off, this is serious porn, they weren’t going to show my ass crack or my nipples. This is full f–king porn.”  Kim continues, “I’m never getting naked again. I feel so taken advantage of. I don’t want people to be, like, all she’s good for is being naked.”

Well, if there’s one thing Kim’s adept at, it’s making a promise and  then having a complete change of heart. Enter her November 2014 full-frontal editorial titled #BreakTheInternet. Arguments are still up in the air of whether she actually, you know, broke internet, but we can all agree she put a crack in it (ba-dum chaa!)

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But, we digress. Back to the 2010 clip. Kim showed the world that she isn’t always the perfect, pristine character we’ve all grown to know and love (and love to hate). She showed off what became known to the internet as her “ugly cry face” and she showed it to us over and over (and over) again.

In one particular scene during the season finale of “Kourtney & Kim Take New York” Season 2, Kim made an ugly cry face that was so dramatic, it has been cry-ogenically frozen in pop culture.

We’ve searched the internet far and wide for the best renditions of the Kim’s Ugly Cry Face and are pleased to bring you the top ten products that bring Kim off the small screen and into your closet!  From earrings to iPhone cases to hand illustrated tote bags, now you can wear a piece of Kim Kardashian (because we know you totally want to).

Peruse the gallery and let us know, how would you wear Kim’s Ugly Cry Face? 

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Kim Crying Sweatshirt, $65; at 1991 Inc

Crying Kim Tote, $19.24; Red Bubble

Crying Kim Mini Art Print, $15; Society6

Crying Kim tee, $55; Robert-Boris.com

Crying Kim Nail Decals, $6; Etsy

Crying Kim Tee, $30; Etsy

Crying Kim Earrings, $5; Etsy

Crying Kim Adjustable Ring, $6; Etsy. 

Crying Kim iPhone Case, $14; Etsy

Crying Kim Sticker, $2.40; Red Bubble

Not Cute Kim iPhone Case, $25; at Society 6

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