Kim Kardashian Frees the Nipple, Ass, and Underboob—and Posts Boomerang of Herself Twerking

Kim Kardashian Frees the Nipple, Ass, and Underboob—and Posts Boomerang of Herself Twerking
Photo: WENN

Kim Kardashian is having quite the Mexican vacation. After posting a Boomerang of her almost completely bare ass full-on twerking in the bluest of waters over the weekend, she followed that up with a trio of Instagrams that feature her freeing the nipple, underboob, and, obviously, ass.

She casually captioned a shot of herself starring in her own personal wet T-shirt contest with pals Stephanie Sheppard and Jasmine Sanders, “Beach selfies of course! 🐚📷🐚.” Though she noted that she’s “not the ‘free the nipple’-type girl” at the BlogHer 16 conference hosted by our sister company earlier this month, this post begs to differ. Those nipples look pretty free to us.

Next, she posted a shot of her very sandy derriere on the white sands of some Mexican beach. Caption: “👀.” Well, yes, that sounds about right.

The selfie queen rounded things out with a picture of her taking a photograph of herself, captioned “Selfish in Mexico.” Shout-out to her forthcoming “updated” book of selfies, which is to be published “soon.” (Basically, it’s just going to be Selfish all over again, with “two more chapters,” so—as she would say—okurrr.)

ICYMI, here she is twerking for all the world to see over the weekend. “In honor of @styledbyhrush birthday a month ago LOL she taught me how to twerk on this trip so I’m posting it for her 😜,” she wrote, tagging her BFF/makeup artist Hrush Achemyan.

When you got it, flaunt it. And Kardashian has worked hard for this bod, as she has documented pretty much everywhere humanly possible. “I was motivated, but it was tough!” she wrote in a blog post earlier this month. “It isn’t easy to just bounce back. I was so jealous of women who had these cute little baby bellies and would gain 25 pounds—and then, a few weeks after giving birth, somehow look exactly like they did before they were pregnant … that’s not me.”

You know what is her, though? A high-cut black bathing suit emblazoned with “TURBO THOT,” as modeled on Friday in Mexico. That is, without a doubt, most definitely her.