Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’ Is Such A Bop, Even Kim Kardashian Can’t Resist It

Kim Kardashian.
Photo: Image: Shutterstock.

Well, well, well…how the turned tables...Kim Kardashian was caught listening to Taylor Swift’s Lover and we’d really like to know what it means. Kardashian has been vehemently opposed to T-Swift for what seems like a lifetime now. There’s been nearly a decade of ill-will between the reality star and pop sensation. Swift’s complicated history with Kardashian’s husband, Kanye West, dates back to the VMAs in 2009. While they recovered from the whole interruption and “Beyoncé should’ve won” thing, the feud was revived shortly thereafter.

Kardashian released a private phone call that Swift had with Kanye over Snapchat, which caused the internet to literally flip out. It proved that Swift had approved lyrics in Kanye’s song “Famous” that the pop-star had previously said she didn’t know about. Anyways, basically, Kardashian and her followers started using snakes and snake emojis to diss Swift. That all culminated in Swift’s serpent-themed Reputation album. Fast forward to the most recent interactions: Swift released her Lover album and now Kardashian was caught listening to it. Needless to say, fans were surprised.

In an Instagram Story video posted by Kardashian herself, you can hear Swift’s title song, “Lover,” playing in the background. “Forever and ever an ah, take me out. And take me home. You’re my, my, my, my ~lover~.” Swifties have flooded social media, sharing the video.

And honestly, they’re not wrong. It does seem pretty odd that someone so opposed to Swift would not only listen to her music, but also post while listening to her music. It surely means something but what? We’re not so sure.

To be fair, it also could’ve been a complete fluke. Honestly, we doubt Kim K is in charge of the aux cord, esp. at her own photoshoot. But hey—you never know. And for what it’s worth, Kardashian didn’t interrupt her shoot to press SKIP, so she may have truly mellowed out.