Sigh: Kim Kardashian Surpasses Beyoncé as Instagram’s Most-Followed Person


Dedicating your entire life to Instagram really can pay off, kids: As of Monday, August 24, reality star Kim Kardashian surpassed singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, businessperson, activist, and designer Beyoncé as the most-followed person on the social media platform with 44,005,604 people tracking her every selfie. That’s double the population of Australia, the world’s 12th biggest economy, just to give it some context.

Granted, Bey isn’t terribly far behind with 43,935,648 followers, but it certainly says a great deal about the state of pop culture and entertainment that Kim—and three of her siblings—bagged spots on Instagram’s Top 10 list.

In February, Kim celebrated hitting the 27 million mark by bestowing upon us a raunchy thong selfie, so God only knows what the pregnant mother of one has up her sleeve this time. Of course, she might take the classy way out and not say a word because, well, gloating about surpassing Beyoncé probably isn’t good for business.

Then again, Kim already stole Bey’s infamous Met Gala look, so maybe she won’t be shy about the fact she’s stolen her Instagram ranking, too.

Who else made the Top 10? See below.

1. Kim Kardashian — 44,005,604

2. Beyoncé — 43,935,648

3. Taylor Swift — 43,533,226

4. Selena Gomez — 41,843,095

5. Ariana Grande — 41,696,873

6. Justin Bieber — 36,994,254

7. Kendall Jenner — 35,388,483

8. Kylie Jenner — 33,703,166

9. Nicki Minaj — 32,278,123

10. Khloé Kardashian — 30,522,261