Kim Kardashian Supports Obama in Mid-Term Elections, People Call her a Moron

Far be it from us to disparage anyone who uses their power to spotlight important issues—even if they’re told to do so by outside forces—but we can’t help but feel that perhaps Kim Kardashian should refrain from weighing in on political matters. Especially those that could be misconstrued, like the message she posted to social media Monday supporting Barack Obama in the mid-term elections.

Kim posted an animated video game-style image of herself with the President to Instagram and Twitter, with the caption: ‘I’m standing w Obama in the midterm election 2morrow!’ The problem, of course, it that Obama wasn’t up for re-election. Obviously, people took the reality star to task, with Twitter users schooling Kim that the presidential elections aren’t for another two years.

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Obviously, Kim easily could have meant she’s supporting the Democratic party in the midterms (despite the fact that she’s praised Republican Rick Santorum in the past, before she inched her way in with the Hollywood and fashion crowd, most of which are vocal Democrats—and she’s admitted that her mother, Kris, and her late father Robert voted Republican.)

Regardless of her Instagram posts and interview sound bites, it’s probably safe to assume Kim isn’t the most informed when it comes to political matters—her husband Kanye West supports Obama, so she does too, and before that, she followed her family’s Republican lead—and that’s okay.

Nobody expects her to be a guest on CNN anytime soon, which is why she should think about sticking to posting about things she knows—selfies, parties, bikinis—unless she really makes a strong effort to craft an informed opinion. Nobody—even her critics—could fault her for that.