This is Just Sad: Ray J Plans to Give KimYe Sex Tape Money as a Wedding Gift

Meghan Blalock

File this under ewwwww. According to a report by TMZ, Kim Kardashian’s ex Ray J has a very special gift in mind for her and Kanye West on their upcoming wedding day. He plans to send them a check for almost $47,000—the equivalent to four months of his profits from the 2007 sex tape he filmed with Kim. That’s right, he still won’t let it go.

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Even more stunning? This money isn’t what Ray J collected back when the tape was initially released; it’s what he’s made from it so far in 2014. That means he’s made almost $50,000 in four months off a sex tape he filmed seven years ago. That’s insane. Oh, so is the fact that sources from porn company Vivid Entertainment told TMZ that the tape has grossed $50 million in total.

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The good news: if Kim refuses Ray J’s gift, he’ll donate the funds to her favorite charity. Aww, what a nice guy.

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