Apparently Nobody is Buying Kim Kardashian’s Book of Selfies


When you have 41 million Instagram followers and your public feed consists mostly of selfies, it’s easy to wonder why you’d feel the need to use the same images in a book and expect people to shell out $20 to see them again. We’re referring, of course, to Kim Kardashian, who launched Selfish—a book filled with photos of (who else?) herself—in May.

You’d think Kardashian had somehow penned the next War and Peace for the amount of advance press surrounding the release of the diminutive book—deliberately selfie sized at  7 inches long by 5 inches—but according to a new report, the PR efforts weren’t exactly effective: Reps for Nielsen Bookscan told Radar Online that so far, Selfish has only sold 32,000 copies. That represents just 0.8% of Kardashian’s Instagram fans.

As for the suckers discerning fans who did buy the book? Looks like they’re kicking themselves now, as the 661 customer reviews  on Amazon are pretty abysmal. To wit: “I can recommend the audio version of this book. It lasts 37 seconds. The narrator basically says, “On this page, we have an idiot and her cleavage looking into a camera” 500 times.”

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Haven’t seen the book yet? Back when we received a copy from publishing house Rizzoli, we broke it down by the numbers: 445 pages, 300 total selfies including 115 cleavage shots, 23 butt shots, 10 nude selfies, one baby bump shot, and one selfie with an elephant. There are also four selfies of the giant diamond engagement ring given to her by her husband Kanye West.

Kardashian also mentions she uses selfies as a tool to make sure her husband approves of what she’s wearing. “I just got this Fendi coat and was in New York. I was in a taxi and took this selfie to actually send to Kanye to see if he liked my new coat. He did,” Kardashian captioned a photo of herself. And, just in case you weren’t sure, bikini selfies are Kardashian’s favorite (she writes that twice in the book to really hammer the point home.)

Still, Kim’s sales are better than her half-sisters’ debut: It was reported that Rebels: Cities of Indra, Kendall and Kylie’s dystopian novel sold just 13,000 copies.

Hey, we totally get that reality stars need their side hustles, but let’s just leave the writing and the photographing to the pros, k?