Kim Kardashian Shares Insanely Adorable—and Rare—Video of Saint West

North West is all over her mom’s social media account, but Kim Kardashian‘s younger son, baby Saint, mostly stays behind the scenes. But not today! He appeared in a video this afternoon on Kardashian’s Snapchat, bouncing in a stroller, and he’s pretty much the most wide-eyed and smiley baby we’ve ever seen in our entire lives. Also, who knew he’d gotten so big?!

North wasn’t always featured so prominently on her mom’s social media feeds, which means it’s only a matter of time before Saint sightings on Snapchat (and Instagram) are de rigueur. But until then, he remains a bit of a unicorn, showing up very rarely—and usually in photos, not videos. The last time he showed up, for example, it was just his little legs.

On the other hand, North has become a very regular star on Kardashian’s daily posts, and whether she’s giving her mom a kiss or singing in a made-up language with her cousin Penelope at the top of her lungs, she’s always good for a quick shot of adorableness (and comic relief). Scroll down for a few videos—including the only other one that has featured Saint on Kardashian’s Snapchat thus far.