95-Degree Weather Forecasts Do Not Apply to Kim Kardashian

On Saturday, the weather in certain parts of the New York area hit 95 degrees, with some reports saying it felt like 98. It was humid. The sun was blazing. News reports urged people to keep hydrated.

That didn’t stop Kim Kardashian from fulfilling her hosting duties at a day party in the Hamptons for online shopping site Revolve wearing a skintight long-sleeve knit bodycon dress with a mock turtleneck, more makeup than most women wear out at night, and a thigh-high ripped denim jean-boot hybrid. Sweating yet?

At first, we assumed the event—which was primarily populated by appropriately-dressed fashion bloggers—wouldn’t be the all-day affair for the 35-year-old the way it was for other guests (she arrived by private plane, NBD) but bestie Jonathan Cheban posted a snap saying they’ll be there “all day.” Plus, let’s be honest—when you’re Kim Kardashian, sweat glands were probably eradicated long ago.

Kim and Jonathan posted plenty of snaps on the journey to the party, including ones that show the reality star getting her makeup done on the plane, one of Cheban proclaiming how the two are “taking over” the Hamptons, and another one in which he claims it’s “hot as fuck.” Duh, dude. That’s why everyone else was wearing shorts and sleeveless dresses.