Kim Kardashian Had the Best Reaction to Her Spray Tan Fail

Kim Kardashian
Photo: Hollywood To You/Star Max/GC Images.

Kim Kardashian loves her spray tans. In fact, one of the 37-year-old’s first-ever TV appearances was when she guest-starred on Sunset Tan and an employee asked her how to spell Kardashian. (Of course, this was before KUWTK.) Though we’re sure no tanning salon would ask Kim who she is today, that still hasn’t stopped her from experiencing the same streaky and blotchy tans we all do.

Last week, Kim stepped out in Miami in a jaw-dropping neon green dress, with a wrap-like skirt and a slit so high, photographers could see her underwear. But Kim’s underwear wasn’t the only detail that was photographed. After her night out, the E! personality made headlines for her spray tan fail, which showed patches of uneven tans on her upper thigh.

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Fortunately, Kim came prepared the follow night with an Instagram poking fun at her tanner malfunction. In a video of her makeup artist rubbing self-tanner on her legs, Kim can be heard telling her MUA to blend the tanner properly, as “blotchy tanner is not in.” ”Back at it, now let’s blend properly,” Kim says. “Please, please. Blotchy tanner is not in.”

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Judging from the pictures from that night, there were no blotchy tans in sight. Kim’s video comes a couple weeks after her sister, Khloé Kardashian, was trolled for her spray tan fail, which resulted in hands way whiter than her body. Can’t win ’em all.