50 Tweets that Prove Kim Kardashian Is the Most Relatable Kardashian

50 Tweets that Prove Kim Kardashian Is the Most Relatable Kardashian
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With her Calabasas drawl and her struggle with “dropping hints,” Kim Kardashian West isn’t, how should we say this, the most eloquent Kardashian—but she sure as hell can put together an iconic 140 characters. If you’re looking for a #relatable Kim Kardashian quote for your yearbook, look no further than the 36-year-old’s Twitter feed. (You’ll thank us later.)

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From the time Fergie called her the “brunette Marilyn Monroe” to when she live-tweeted her diarrhea, Kim’s got some gold tweets hiding in her #spon. Luckily for you, we’ve uncovered 50 of them to remind you that Kim is the most relatable Kardashian. (Sorry Kourt and Khlo.) Click through to reminisce on all the times Kim Kardashian was us on Twitter.

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She can't spell, but she can make a mean "seet potatoe souffle."

We get that, too.

The time the doctor diagnosed her with traveling diarrhea.

Kim is *not* the father. (Though she is the mom of relatable tweets.)

The time she teamed up with Apple to bring back reading.

The time she was sick of the media's slander.

She knows what she likes

The time she subtweeted iPhones.

We do.

Kim can rock an alive look.

@Snooki, come get your girl.

The time she asked Vanessa Hudgens for tech advice.

She loves street food.

She's cultured.

She's multilingual, too.

The latter.

Happens to the best of us.

She's asking the big questions.

The time she ordered a "little si-zzzuurrrrppp" at the bar.

You don't need to brag.

The time she didn't know what SMH meant. (SMH.)

She loves a good television twist.

We feel you, Kimmy.

Is she saying Hot Tamales aren't part of the Kardashian meal plan?

Oh, Kris.

She's an astrology stan.

She has an affinity for good customer service.

If only we were so lucky.

The most riveting "KUWTK" moment.

The time she raved about her sister's kissing skills.

She's so strong.

And we thought you were an astrology stan.


Is this her first #spon?

Mind blown.

Queen of dental hygiene.

The time she forgot to @ Jesus in his "Happy Birthday" message.

Even the toughest of us have our weaknesses.


Drag her, Kim.

Just some life-saving advice.

Remember when she shipped her sister with Mario Lopez?

She's spilling all her family secrets.

We accept you, Kim.

She's asking for science.

The time she had an existential crisis over olives.

She always keeps her fans updated.

She's right, tho.

"Keeping Up with Kim Kardashian's Bible Study Group"


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