Kim Kardashian Spent Fourth of July at the Plastic Surgeon’s Office

Kim Kardashian Spent Fourth of July at the Plastic Surgeon’s Office
Photo: Getty Images

These are the traditional markers of Fourth of July: fireworks, barbecues, red-white-and-blue popsicles, American flag-littered Instagrams. Well, like the trendsetter she is, Kim Kardashian took it upon herself to add another tradition to Independence Day, and it’s one that’s both very American and very Kardashian: plastic surgery.

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Yup. While her fam was probably out noshing on ribs or setting up to watch the fireworks, the 36-year-old was at the plastic surgeon’s office getting a touch up, and TBH, it’s literally iconic. The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star shared her festive plastic surgery adventure yesterday on Snapchat. In the clip, the mom-of-two can be seen relaxing in the patients’ chair as Los Angeles-based plastic surgeon, Dr. Jason Diamond, does some sort of face routine on her.

Though we’re not sure the exact work Kim is getting done, we can assume it’s the same microneedling technique (a routine that involves taking your blood and putting it into your skin) that Kourtney did with Dr. Diamond a couple weeks ago.

“Just a little face love with Dr. Jason Diamond today,” Kim says in the snap with a floral halo filter around her head.

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But, of course, like the Instagram queen she is, Kim also had to do her Fourth of July-themed tribute. As likely a decoy to distract from her plastic surgery rendezvous, Kim shared a festive snap to her Instagram story of her wearing an American flag one-piece while sucking on a red-white-and-blue popsicle and flaunting a very Americana choker with glittery stars.

While Kim’s Fourth of July wasn’t the typical Independence Day celebration, we can’t blame her. It’s the land of the free. You do you, Kim.