Kim Kardashian Pisses Off Entire Country, CK Vending Machine

Kerry Pieri

I am an advocate of alleviating the afternoon slump. Consider this the written equivalent of your favorite venti latte… only stronger.

Kim Kardashian is on the cover of Turkish Cosmopolitan during the same month that Armenians recognize the genocide of its people by Turkey in the early 20th Century. Kim Kardashian is Armenian. Armenia is not pleased. (Styleite)

Beyonce looks to wear Givenchy Couture Couture in her new music video. I say, if someone is lending you Couture, you take it. (The Cut via Red Carpet Fashion Awards)

Get your Calvin Klein undies from a vending machine now. If someone is offering underwear in a vending machine, you buy it. (Racked)

Franca Sozanni explains why Steven Meisel is basically the only photog who ever shoots covers for Italian Vogue, “I needed to have a consistent, recognizable look to every cover.” Success! (Fashionologie)


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RT @AlexWhiteEdits Alex White Saturday Fire Island, unbelievable ship wreck, very Jack Sparrow.. @wmag Fashion shoots are so much cooler than sitting at a computer all day writing about fashion shoots.

RT @Equipment_FR Can we admit for one second how stoked we are for the royal wedding? Glamorous crowd + the amazing dress + a prince= real life fairytale. I fully, completely admit it.

RT @dkny You know what’s funny? We all have jobs, yet it’s like we are all sitting here & doing our work together in some virtual way….. aw, it sounds like someone is going to break out in song.

RT @AskMrMickey My 4.20 tweet does not mean I endorse marijuana use!!!! Certainly not.