Kim Kardashian’s Pierced Nails Are So Extra, Even for Kim

Kim Kardashian’s Pierced Nails Are So Extra, Even for Kim
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See the face of Kim Kardashian above? Her face is my face. Her face is everyone’s face, once they get a load of her new nails, which she happily showed off live from the set of a “secret project” yesterday. And for some reason, she not only seemed to derive deep pleasure and satisfaction from her nails, but also seemed convinced that her sister Khloé Kardashian would feel the same.

“Khloé would be so proud of me right now,” she said in a video posted to Snapchat. And the sad part is—we don’t doubt for a second that Khloé would be proud of her. For her pierced nails.

Honestly, we’re not feeling it. First and foremost, the burning questions that immediately came to our minds: How will she eat/dress herself/brush her teeth? But then we realized that she has handlers for all that. You didn’t think Kim Kardashian actually feed herself with her own hands, did you?

We are, however, feeling the secret project, which is probably just a Kim Kardashian calendar or something, but who knows, Christmas could come early and we could be looking at a break-the-internet–level photo shoot. She apparently donned a blonde wig for the shoot, so—that’s a start.

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Credit: Instagram | @kimksnapchats

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Kim’s been going HAM on Snapchat (and Instagram, and Twitter, and Facebook) again, after a looong social media hiatus that started after she was robbed in Paris and only came to an end three weeks ago, after about three months off. So—we look forward to lots more of this to come, including the many pointless photos and videos that have been appearing at an alarming clip (but still much less frequently than before the Paris attack). Welcome back, Kim. In the past three weeks, you’ve really made up for lost time.

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