Is Kim Kardashian Photoshopping Her Own Selfies?

Kristen Bousquet

“Why is the door curved? Bad photoshop skills,” Instagram commenter lovemonroe24 quipped when Kim Kardashian posted an in-the-mirror selfie yesterday wearing a Kardashian Kollection cropped turtleneck dress. In fact, this commenter was just one of the many Instagram users who seem to be convinced that the reality star is altering her Instagram photos.

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 Is Kim Kardashian Photoshopping Her Own Selfies?

Photo: Instagram/@kimkardashian

Another commenter, lyss_fitness, said “Why do you keep photoshopping your pics? It’s so obvious when you do it.. I’m embarassed for you.”

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On the other hand, some of Kim’s loyal Instagram followers really believe that she’s been working hard to lose weight. One follower, ms_hyder, commented “You look amazing great job at losing the baby weight #sheisback.”

In the past, there’s been quite a bit of speculation that Kim Photoshopped her photos when she posted a mirror photo with Blac Chyna, her fellow big-booty companion. Because the door was warped in the background of the photo and her arm was unusually shaped, followers believed that Kim photoshopped fat off her arms and made herself look skinnier.

Ever since having daughter North West with rapper Kanye West, Kim seems to be working overtime to prove to her social followers that she’s sweating it out to get her pre-pregnancy body back—and she looks great—though she does occasionally post Instagram images that do look retouched.

What are your thoughts? Is she photoshopping her selfies or just choosing great angles?