Kim Kardashian Is Photoshopping Her New Perfume into Old Spon-Con Selfies

Kim Kardashian
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From boxing her Valentine’s Day-themed fragrances in giant chocolate hearts to molding her butt into a literal perfume bottle, the marketing for Kim Kardashian’s perfume company, KKW Fragrance, never fails to amaze us. But her latest strategy might be her most subtle and creative yet.

ICYMI, the 37-year-old recently launches her latest line of KKW Fragrances, KKW Kimoji, a three-fragrance line consisting of a cherry, a peach and a text bubble with the word VIBES. To promote her line, the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star has been sending press and influencers her perfumes in boxes filled with corresponding candy. But her PR doesn’t end there.

Since the launch of KKW Kimoji, Kim has been subtly photoshopping her old spon-con selfies to include her latest product. For example, a June selfie of Kim promoting Olay’s Regenerist Whip has been edited to remove the moisturizer and replace it with her cherry perfume. Likewise, another June Instagram of Kim promoting her cosmetics line, KKW Beauty, was edited to look like she was holding her peach perfume. (No shame in recycling!)

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This isn’t the first time that Kim has taken a spon-con selfie and repurposed it either. The first and most notable example was in June when Kim took a controversial Instagram of her promoting Flat Tummy Co’s appetite-supressant lollipops and replaced the candy with a KKW Beauty lipstick.

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Whether her old sponsors like that Kim is repurposing their old advertisements to promote her businesses is still up for discussion. But there’s no denying that Kim’s recycling of her old spon-con selfies is pretty genius.