Meet the Man Who Vomits at the Sight of Kim Kardashian

Brits, they’re just like us: An English man claims he’s so petrified of the Kardashian family that he breaks out into a cold sweat whenever he sees or hears the famous family and says the sight of a semi-naked Kim even makes him vomit with disgust.

But seriously, Mike Amess, a 24-year-old retail assistant told the Daily Mail that “Just hearing the sound of the Kardashian’s nasal voices or catching a glimpse of them on screen makes me feel nauseous and shaky … My hands get clammy, my breathing gets heavier and I start sweating. Sometimes, I get teary and want to retch.”

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No, it’s not Kim’s eye-rolling Instagram account, OTT wedding plans, or even her newfound and somewhat ostentatious obsession with high fashion that kicked off Amess’ aversion, but rather it stemmed from watching Kim’s star-making sex tape as a teenager.

Amess—who’s openly gay—told the Daily Mail that he was raised Catholic and tried to repress his sexuality.

“Loads of the boys at school were going on about how good Kim Kardashian’s sex tape was. I thought I’d give it a watch in the hope it would turn me on. I downloaded the video and watched it secretly in my bedroom. But the sight of Kim writhing around with her huge bum and the sound of her horrible high-pitched wailing repulsed me. I really wanted to be aroused by her so I kept watching it but she made me feel more and more upset.”

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Mike is comfortable with his sexuality now but not with Kim, and says that his phobia has gotten worse since the reality queen’s fame skyrocketed and his fear now extends to the whole Kardashian family.

“Kim and her sisters look and sound so similar—they’re a mess. They make my stomach churn, I hate it. I dislike everything about them, especially their physical appearance. I don’t understand how anyone could find them attractive.”

In the story, Mike discusses how his phobia has impacted relationships. “A lot of the gay community love the Kardashians so it makes dating tough sometimes. I’ve been romantically involved with several people who like them and each one of these relationships have ended badly.”

So basically this guy is just the physical embodiment of pretty much everyone else in the world. Head over to the Daily Mail to read the rest of the (amazing) story