No Big Deal: Kim Kardashian Hung Out With Oprah This Weekend

Megan Segura
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Photo: Instagram

Kanye West continues to take Kim Kardashian‘s fame to new heights. Really big heights judging by the Instagram photo she posted that featured her posing along side West, Oprah and Diddy with the caption “Oh no big deal.”

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The group was gathered at music producer and “American Idol” mentor Jimmy Iovine’s house on Saturday for a birthday celebration for his girlfriend—wait for it—Liberty Ross. Yes, the ex-wife of Rupert Sanders, who was caught making out with Kristen Stewart.

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Kim’s sisters were in Las Vegas over the weekend at iHeartRadio Music Festival (no word if they caught the Miley crying jag) but we can’t help wonder if they were upset to not be invited to the star-studded bash.

It’s worth noting that Oprah also posted a few party pics of her own to Instagram—though none of them included Kim. Ouch.