Kim Kardashian’s Kids Show Genuine Love In This Video & It’s Cuteness Overload

Kristen Martin
Kim Kardashian
Photo: Getty Images.

We’ve seen some cute videos of the mini Kardashians, but this one is cuteness overload. Kim Kardashian’s kids, North, Saint, and Chi’s love video. is perfection. It’s a rule of thumb. When asked how much do you love mommy, we all know to stretch out our hands wide like the ocean to demonstrate how deep that love may be. But Kim Kardashian’s little ones, North, Saint, and Chi put their own little twist on the rule and it involves a little bit of speaking Italian.

On September 19, Kardashian posted an Instagram video of her kids.

Saint West starts off by saying “Hello Peanut,” and his mom repeats him. “Hello peanut. Are you a little peanut?” she says to Saint. Just before continuing the peanut joke, North West puts up the peace sign for The Gram and then mocks her younger brother by pretending to tickle him. She says to Saint, “Are you a little peanut?”

The two are towering over their mom, fumbling and playing the way kids do, showing just how much they love their mom before the big question is even asked. 

Then, Kardashian refers to them all as her little peanuts and encourages Saint to, “Say hello to the camera.” He tells Instagram he loves his mom, screaming “so much” several times, and then Kardashian says, “Show me how much.”

Saint reaches out his hands as far as they will stretch above his head and begins to open and close his palms as fast as he can. It’s such an innocent and cute outward expression of love, but when Chicago West joins the frame, it’s her adorable face alone that she serves as an offering to the show. 

The video ends with North West’s response to her mother’s question: “How much do you love me?” to which she says, “uh, capiche.” We can’t help but laugh at the innocence.

I don’t know what “capiche” means in kid-language, but I do understand how much the mini Kardashians love Mommy just by this adorable 60-second Instagram video.

See it for yourself: