Kim Kardashian Is Back—and She’s Wearing No Makeup

Kim Kardashian Is Back—and She’s Wearing No Makeup
Photo: Wenn

Kim Kardashian has spent an unprecedented three weeks out of the spotlight. Nothing on Instagram, nothing on Snapchat, nothing on Twitter. She was spotted shortly after being held up at gunpoint in Paris and robbed of several million dollars worth of jewels, shuttling from Paris to New York to Los Angeles, but then all went quiet. We’ve heard lots of information about her mental state via “sources,” thanks to the intrepid reporting of various news outlets, but Kim Kardashian in the flesh has been but a memory. Until now.

Kardashian stepped out in L.A. last night with BFF Jonathan Cheban to get some casual frozen yogurt, wearing a casual oversize white sweatshirt, casual denim cutoffs, casual white slides, and possibly the most casual makeup look we’ve ever seen on her, which is to say that, other than some lip gloss, she may not have been wearing any makeup at all. (Gasp!) OK, so she had some hair extensions in, but maybe even that was casual—she had them put in back when she was still glam Kim, and now that she’s casual Kim, she’s too chill to even bother to have her hair guru come to her and remove them. For that matter, she doesn’t even have a hair guru anymore.

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No diamonds. No bling. No heels. Honestly, if perennial bestie Cheban wasn’t by her side, we’re not even sure we’d recognize her. Who knows whether this really Kim’s new look, or if she’s just trying to lay low for a while, but either way—we’re into it. Head over to TMZ for 23 glorious photos of the fro-yo outing, and steel yourself for more casual Kim looks in the not-so-distant future. Something tells us glam Kim is going to stay in hiding even longer than Kardashian herself.

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