Does Kim Kardashian Have a New Sex Tape?!

Does Kim Kardashian Have a New Sex Tape?!
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The Mirror very helpfully pointed out yesterday that “new footage” from a Kim Kardashian sex tape had emerged. They were just trying to stay #relevant, of course. Thing is, according to Kardashian’s rep, those “new” scenes are nothing but scenes from her old sex tape, rebranded as something new.

“It’s not new,” her rep told the Daily Mail“It’s the same old tape.” LOL.

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In case anyone somehow missed the fact that Kardashian skyrocketed to fame 10 years ago when her sex tape with Ray J “accidentally” leaked, a refresher course: She and Ray J made a tape in 2003; it was distributed in 2007 by a porn company known as Vivid; Kardashian initially hit them with a lawsuit, but then dropped it and took a $5 million settlement instead. Then she got super famous. Everyone wins.

In a recent interview, Ray J all but admitted that momager Kris Jenner leaked that tape on purpose. “I only did my part [in making her famous],” he said. “As a man I tried to play my part in the situation. If you’re intelligent you can read between the lines.” And then he called Jenner “a real, true hustler.” Oh, boy. Well, Kardashian is one of the most famous people on the planet now, so—all’s well that ends well?

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