Another Day, Another Naked Kim Kardashian Photo Shoot

You know what they say: If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. We’re referring, of course, to the news that Kim Kardashian‘s nude spread in Paper magazine didn’t quite break the Internet in ways she’d hoped, but—Kim’s no quitter!—she’s back in the naked saddle.

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Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen piecemeal images from Kim’s upcoming spread in Love magazine—the high-fashion glossy that now seems to be clogging our Instagram feeds with raunchy photos of the Kardashians and their friends—and guess what? She’s naked in this one, too!


Today, Kim posted new shots from the magazine, one of which shows her writhing around a mattress with the caption ”Locked inside a bedroom at motel 6 blasting Madonna Erotica on repeat and rolling around in a custom Prada bodysuit at 2am.”

Unfortunately, the feelings of shock and intrigue we felt about a naked Kim are waning fast, even though this shoot has a sort of grungy, dirty vibe that seems to bypass fashion and art in favor of pseudo-pornographic images.


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Casual stretch

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Here, some eagle-eyed folks on Twitter posted other selects from the Love shoot.


Let’s be honest: By continuing to pose nude, Kim slowly stripping away any mystery that used to surround her almost anatomically impossible figure—we’re all just kind of “meh” about seeing the 34-year-old sans clothes. A simple fact that makes us wonder whether we’re about to exit the Kardashian-obsessed era we’ve been stuck in for the past few years. So long as her younger sisters don’t get involved (which, let’s face it, they already have to some degree), we think that’s a possibility.