Kim Kardashian Hit Back at Mommy-Shamers Who Accused Her of This

Kim Kardashian Hit Back at Mommy-Shamers Who Accused Her of This
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Kim Kardashian West has no time for mommy-shamers. After savagely shutting down rumors that she snorts cocaine in between Snapchats, the 36-year-old took to social media again to slam another mommy-shamey accusation: That she put her 4-year-old daughter, North West, in a corset. (Sigh, when will the mommy-shamers learn?)

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The accusations began flying after The Daily Mail published a series of paparazzi photos appearing to show Kanye West‘s daughter in a tight, off-white corset on top of a satin dress. Naturally, the post exploded with comments criticizing the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star for her poor parenting. (Corsets and waist-trainers, often promoted by the Kardashians on Instagram, have been found to crush organs, compress lungs, and fracture ribs.)

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While some mommy-shamers slammed Kim for the health aspect of putting a toddler in a corset, others deemed the outfit simply too inappropriate for a 4-year-old.

“What has the world come to. We are starting to dress babies in corsets and satin. Watch people say it’s a trend,” one user wrote.

“Too sick for a 4yo kid to wear corsets and sends out sexual msg to pedophiles. Wtf?! Get her wearing a Minnie Mouse t-shirt!” another added.

“It’s one thing for Kim to dress a certain way. It’s another to dress a little girl in sexualized attire,” a person said.

“The real question is why is that child wearing a corset. Who is she trying to be sexy for smh. Her mom is wreck sometimes,” one more commented.

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Obviously catching wind of the criticism, Kim quickly took to Snapchat to explain that North’s outfit wasn’t a *real* corset, but a fake one. She turned the dress around to show that the corset-looking part was only in the front and that North was never actually secured in the waist-cinching attire. Of course, Kim also had to @ The Daily Mail for their *misleading* journalism. (What did we tell y’all about coming for Kim?)

The Daily Mail, this one’s for you,” she said. “This dress, that I did not design—I actually bought—is not a corset. It’s just fabric on the front that looks like a corset. I think it’s really cute. I bought it from a designer and it’s just fabric, people, it’s not a real corset.”

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The middle Kardashian sister slammed the rumors again on Twitter, where she assured her fans that she would never put North in a corset and confirmed that the outfit was simply laced-up fabric.

If you’ve been keeping up with the Kardashians, you know that this isn’t the first time Kim has been mommy-shamed this week either. Earlier this week, the E! personality got hate after fans though they saw lines of cocaine in the back of a Snapchat of her promoting her new children’s line.

Kim initially defended the substance was simply sugar from her family’s mini candy party, until correcting herself and explaining that the marbling of the table made it appear as if there were lines of coke.

What’s next, mommy-shamers? Because Kim’s got clap-backs for days.