The End is Nigh: Why Is Kim Kardashian Hanging Out with Marina Abramovic?

Meghan Blalock

What is the world coming to? We started off the day today with the bizarre yet titillating news that Amazon is developing flying delivery drones, and now, this: Kim Kardashian spent at least part of her weekend hanging out with Serbian contemporary artist extraordinaire Marina Abramović. If there are two people in the world who are just not allowed to hang out, we thought it was Kim and Marina; and yet, it has happened.

Kim posted the following photo to her Instagram around the Thanksgiving holiday, which gives her a lot to be thankful for, and us a lot to be mourning for. Marina is one of the most well-respected artists in the contemporary art world; she rose to fame for such extreme experiential performance art pieces as 1974’s “Rhythm 0,” for which she placed 72 objects on a table—including a gun and knives—and told museum-goers they could do whatever they liked to her. Yes, one guy put the gun to her head, but he obviously did not shoot it.

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Since then, Abramović has come back into the public eye by way of not only her art—like 2010’s “The Artist Is Present” at New York’s Museum of Modern Art—but also by befriending celebrities. She’s worked with Lady Gaga and James Franco numerous times, and now apparently, she’s hanging out with Kim Kardashian. But why?

kim kardashian marina abramovic

Kim posted the photo not long after the one she put up of her chilling with model Karlie Kloss, which was equally bizarre and notable because Kim was clutching a wad of money in her hand. What is going on in Kim’s world right now? We presume longtime fashion wannabe Kanye West, who has dabbled in the art world plenty throughout his career, has something to do with this new connection.

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