Apparently Kim Kardashian Thinks She’s Elizabeth Taylor

Meghan Blalock

Kim Kardashian took to Instagram today to post a selfie in which she’s giving the world her best Elizabeth Taylor. Kim stands next to a portrait of Taylor, who’s wearing a towel around her head  with her giant engagement ring prominently on display. Check it out:

kim kardashian elizabeth taylor

This isn’t the first time Kim has tried to replicate the glamor of a style icon; just last week she was painted in the trademark style Andy Warhol used to paint Marilyn Monroe. While we’d be the first to say that Kim has made an unbelievable sartorial transformation since her days of wearing nothing but bandage dresses, we have to admit: this is all a bit much. We hardly agree that Kim has the same innate style, grace, and general chicness that the likes of Taylor and Monroe oozed.

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What do you think? Is Kim way out of line here, or is she kind of a modern day Liz Taylor? Sound off below!

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