Kim Kardashian Wore Full-Body Tights, and Weirdly, We Don’t Hate It

Maggie Griswold
Kim Kardashian Wore Full-Body Tights, and Weirdly, We Don’t Hate It
Photo: Taylor Hill/Getty Images.

Winter weather means cold legs—it’s just the way it is. If you want to look sexy in a short skirt or dress, you have to suffer while walking to your Lyft. Of course, there’s always the option of wearing tights, but those can be uncomfortable as hell and impossible to get off when you need to pee. Now imagine wearing a head-to-toe lace tights outfit, because Kim Kardashian just did. And guess what? It’s actually hot AF.

Tuesday night, Kim Kardashian posted new photos of the Alexander Wang lace bodysuit she wore to John Legend’s birthday party. While we got some good peeks at the look from the night of the party, Kardashian’s latest post gave us the full view of the ensemble, and we are not mad about it.

Literally, the full-body catsuit is just head-to-toe lace. We’re not sure how she got it on or off without ripping the delicate fabric. Our best guess is that Alexander Wang sewed it directly onto her body—a truly Kardashian move if we’ve heard one. The ensemble also included a black wrap skirt, so the Kardashian sister wasn’t full-on walking around in a see-through lace bodysuit (not that we’d put it past her, TBH). Somehow, the entire look was extremely sexy while still remaining a little modest—a weird combination coming from a Kardashian. But then again, nothing that family does could really surprise us anymore.

Lounging around in a sheer lace bodysuit designed by Alexander Wang is truly the way we want to be living, even if it means we’d have to wait all night to go to the bathroom. Seriously, if we think it’s hard to take off tights in the middle of a party a few drinks in, we’d be doomed in a full-body lace outfit. Sometimes it’s just better to leave the luxurious ensembles to ultra-luxurious celebrities. It has to take years of training to be able to hold your pee all night, and we’ll happily let the Kardashians take that bullet for us.