Kim Kardashian Launches Kimoji Wrapping Paper and Phone Cases Covered with Her Naked Ass



Late at night, when Kim Kardashian can’t sleep, she stays up plotting ways to expand her online dominion. This isn’t hyperbole—she really does:

She has an app, a website, a game, Kimoji—and now she has applied her Kimoji game to a new endeavor: wrapping paper and phone cases emblazoned with Kimojis. You can buy 72 inches of wrapping paper with her “ugly crying” face, a “bae” word bubble, her gigantic engagement ring, or her famous butt for $35 bucks a pop; if you’re not about to give out bday and holiday presents covered in Kim’s naked ass, you can go with a $28 iPhone case covered with “send nudes” (classy), “lit” word bubbles, or the aforementioned crying faces or butts.

You have to hand it to her—just three months after she debuted Kimoji, Amber Rose launched MuvaMoji, her own twist on the bitmoji-style app. Then Blac Chyna threw her hat in the game with ChyMoji, because—why not? Never one to be outdone by the Kardashians and their wannabes, Justin Bieber introduced Justmoji. But do any of these fine stars have wrapping paper adorned with their own ass? Well, not yet.

Happy holidays, six months early, from Kim Kardashian herself.