The Bizarre Reason the Internet Is Mad at Kim Kardashian

The Bizarre Reason the Internet Is Mad at Kim Kardashian
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Kim Kardashian isn’t known for her refined taste, but her latest batch of Kimojis has the internet particularly up in arms. Yesterday, in honor of 4/20, the “high holiday” of marijuana smokers everywhere, Kardashian dropped a bunch of new Kimojis and merch—including one that featured herself as the Virgin Mary.

To make matters worse, in addition to the Kimoji, there’s also a tall votive candle featuring the same image—the Virgin Mary reimagined, with Kardashian’s face—available on her Kimoji site. To purchase the candle, you click on it—with a middle finger in place of the usual arrow on your computer screen. Naturally, people are pissed.

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“Wow. Virgin and Kim Kardashian shouldn’t even be in the same sentence,” one person posted on Instagram. Another added, “This is wrong gosh, very insulting to us Catholics KMT, take this down now. So disrespectful.” A third simply added, “Lol yep she’s going to go to hell….over a candle. 😂😂😂.”

So far, Kardashian and her Kimoji team doesn’t seem too concerned over the outrage. “WHEN KIM BLESSES U WITH THAT 420 DROP,” they posted. “DON’T SLEEP ON THE KIM CANDLE. ALMOST SOLD OUT. MORE FROM THIS COLLECTION COMING SOON.” Sigh.

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