Kim Kardashian Just Added a Comprehensive ‘Expansion Pack’ to Her KIMOJI App

Rachel Krause
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Getty Images

Kim Kardashian is always thinking of new and better ways to break the internet, so that anything anyone else does for a little bit of attention starts to look like amateur hour in her wake. It’s a skill, really.

Because one App Store–crashing edition of KIMOJI was clearly not enough, Kim announced a new expansion pack last night in true Kardashian-West fashion:

For a measly 99 cents (if you already have the original app, that is—you’ll need to pay $1.99 for the whole deal otherwise), you can now pepper your iMessages with a cackling Kanye West, a confused and concerned North, speech bubbles with classic phrases such as “WEAVE=GONE,” and even a big butt holding an iPhone. Also, there are GIFs!

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See? It’s everything. Now quick, go download your expansion pack before it causes Apple to short-circuit again.

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