Kim Kardashian Almost Didn’t Date Kanye West & The Reason Why Is So Upsetting

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West
Photo: Getty Images.

Kimye have come a long way. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that before they got married, had four kids, and built a life together, there was a time when this Kim Kardashian and Kanye West “no dating” clue was a major topic of discussion. That is, during the early stages of their relationship, the 38-year-old Kimono founder and her rapper hubby faced a slew of criticism—be it from Ye’s fans and Kim’s haters alike.

The power couple recently took a trip down memory lane, recalling some of the unsavory details of their early dating days for E! True Hollywood Story‘s reboot. A preview of the second episode, which features Kim and Kanye, appeared on Youtube yesterday, October 7. In it, Kim remembers how Kanye’s stans reacted to the news of their relationship. “I mean, everyone would tell him, ‘you can’t be with her,'” Kim recalled. “‘She’s a reality star, she’s gonna sink your career!'” But their relationship prevailed for one reason alone: Ye “was just like, ‘But I love her. I don’t care,” Kim explained for THS.

So things weren’t all so bad. Later in the same E! True Hollywood Story snippet, Kanye describes his own early feelings about Kim—which we’re sure haven’t changed a bit.

“Anytime I was around her or saw her, it was a magnetic attraction to this force of energy,” he said. “She was good, pure, happy, loving, brave, courageous, strong.” To see Kanye speak so glowingly about Kim, and knowing that he risked losing his own fans in the process, is a true testament to his love and respect.

Clearly, all that diehard admiration paid off. After all, nearly eight years after they first started dating, Kimye are still going strong. Kim and Kanye own a ranch together, have battled infertility and navigated surrogacy for their children, and continue to support each other in every endeavor—even if it’s Kim repping for Kanye’s (seemingly never-coming) album. Through all of the KarJenner drama, at least one thing is consistent: their love.

E! True Hollywood Story’s second episode, featuring Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will air on E! on Sunday, Oct. 13.