Kim Kardashian West Took Her First Selfie at Age Four, Wants at Least One More Baby

Kim Kardashian West was up early this morning to hit NBC’s “Today” Show, where she chatted with Matt Lauer about her marriage to Kanye, baby North, her new selfie photo book Selfish, and her explosive (and controversial) app Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. (Spoiler: The app is so addictive that apparently Kylie Jenner even ended up spending money on it!)

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On Baby North, and how Kanye has changed as a husband: 

“North is getting so big so fast.  I would say she definitely isn’t shy like her dad, but if you ask her to do anything on command like ‘clap, walk,’ she just shuts down, she does not want to perform.  She’s really sweet and she’s a mama’s girl right now.”

“[Kanye]’s always been really protective and always treated me like we were a team from day one. I’ve seen him change as a dad and soften as a person. Everything is ‘if this doesn’t make sense for my family’ I’m not even gonna waste my time doing it.”

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On Having Another Baby: 

“I grew up with siblings; if I could jut snap my fingers and have four, I would have four. But I do realize I’m gonna have to go through the pregnancy again and I had a tough pregnancy. I would love two more, but we’ll see. I’m gonna have one more and see what it’s like.”

On her wildly popular app, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

“I think, in the game, you definitely see that it’s just fun and it’s not really serious. You pick your friends, you pick your clothes—it’s just a fun little game.”

“Anytime for any game app that has in-app purchases, you have to make sure your parental controls are all set. My sister Kylie called me the other day and said, ‘I just spent $300 on your game; I’m so addicted to this; How can you cheat—I know you can figure out a way for me to cheat!’ I think you just have to be responsible and don’t have your credit card linked to where your kid can just spend when they want to, or have to ask permission.”

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On her upcoming book, Selfish: 

“The book is titled Selfish. Isn’t that what selfie means, you know? It’s fitting. I always say it takes about 15-20 selfies that someone really takes before they post the right one.  There was this selfie that I took where I was wearing a white bathing suit, and it took about 15 pictures to get the one that I posted, so you’ll see all the ones that didn’t make it—including my first ever selfie when I was four years old.”