It’s Not Over: Kim Kardashian Goes Totally Naked in Second Batch of Photos

It was a pretty low-key event, so you totally may have missed it, but Paper magazine set out to “break the internet” by releasing the cover of its Winter 2014 issue last night that showcased Kim Kardashian baring her oiled-up, outsize, and very bare ass. And now, as expected, a new batch of photos have been released, and the reality star is bringin’ it home.

Yes, the 34-year-old mother of one got fully naked this time. Totally naked. Like, way more naked than the below photo that—without the black bars—would have got Paper kicked off Instagram.

Apart from the butt-baring shot yesterday, you might remember that the mag also released an alternate cover that shows Kim recreating legendary French photographer Jean-Paul Goude’s iconic “Champagne Incident” shot

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It should be noted that Goude’s original “Champagne Incident” photograph features a naked model and Kim was clothed, so we aren’t falling out of our seat with shock that tonight’s pics are full-frontal.

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So. We were going to launch into a whole shrewd song and dance about why this is disturbing—or at least what this means for the state of celebrities today—but you know what? We did that yesterday with the butt shots, and we’re tired. Plus, there’s a lot of television on tonight we want to enjoy.

Head over to Paper to see the fully naked (NSFW, obviously) uncensored photos, and let’s get on with our lives.

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