Kim Kardashian Flexes Her Acting Chops

Spencer Cain

Considering the majority of everyKardashian reality show is most likely scripted, it’s no surprise that the biggest breadwinner, daughter Kim, is transitioning to the acting world. With her upcoming role in Tyler Perry‘s The Marriage Counselor, she will have her first legitimate part in a film (although I guess we can include 2008’sDisaster Movie, that sh*t was GOOD).

Before this, however, she’ll be lighting up the small screen with a guest appearance on ABC’s Last Man Standing, starring Tim Allen. Apparently, one of the characters (played by Molly Ephraim) is obsessed with Kardashian, and is thrilled to meet her idol. Yet again, Kardashian will be playing herself.

Clearly, it’s hard for Kimmy to decipher when work ends and real life begins. Do you think she has what it takes to be considered a serious actress, or will she forever be a cameo?