This Home Video of Kim Kardashian and Family Will Make You Feel All the Feels

This Home Video of Kim Kardashian and Family Will Make You Feel All the Feels
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What divorce rumors? In a new video released on Kim Kardashian’s app today, shot home movie–style, the reality star and her famous family have quite literally never looked happier. Set to Jeremih’s “Paradise,” the almost three-minute vid is full of intimate shots of Kim and Kanye West snuggling and kissing, watching their sweet kids North and Saint look around in awe and run around in blanket capes, painting a portrait of family life not often seen in the public eye.

There’s even footage of little Saint taking what look like his very first steps, outside on the patio while Kim moves back to get him to walk a little farther toward her. When he reaches her, she scoops him up and plants a kiss on his cheek, looking incredibly proud.

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Anyone who thinks that Kim & Co. don’t have a rich family life might think twice after watching this tiny featurette. Though it’s true that many of the backdrops for the sweet scenes are out of the average person’s league—inside their gigantic mansion, backstage at a Yeezy presentation, front row at a stadium show—the feelings of being part of a family are universal, and it’s clear that the daily life of KimYe is shot through with these feelings.

As to divorce rumors circling after Kanye’s recent hospitalization, well—it’s obvious that Kim would really rather make it plain that there is absolutely no trouble in paradise. Why do you think she chose the song “Paradise” to set the stage for such a lovely little video?

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