Kim Kardashian’s Latest Beauty Secret: Facial Cupping

Kim Kardashian’s Latest Beauty Secret: Facial Cupping
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One of the reasons celebrities look a little more airbrushed—even without any actual Photoshop—is that they have access to all the best beauty specialists, all the time. So it should come as no surprise that Kim Kardashian likes to try out beauty regimens that the average gal might not have tried before—or heard of. Her latest: a procedure called facial cupping.

Though we knew she’d tried cupping on her body before, apparently facial cupping is not the same thing. Cupping on the body is a type of physical therapy that incorporates heated glass cups that are suction-attached to the skin, which is supposed to alleviate muscle tension and pain. It often causes telltale bruises. But facial cupping is totally different.

kim kardashian1 Kim Kardashians Latest Beauty Secret: Facial Cupping

Photo: Snapchat/Kim Kardashian

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“Face cupping facial at Nurse Jamie,” Kardashain Snapchatted. Since no one really knew what that meant, E! News asked Nurse Jamie herself: WTF does that mean? “The cupping facial encourages blood flow to the tissue and stimulates the lymphatic system to help reduce inflammation, which in turn smoothes fine lines and wrinkles,” she told the publication. Sounds pretty good so far.

Like body cupping, facial cupping uses suction-attached cups on your face, but it’s much more gentle. “It kind of feels like a cat licking you,” Nurse Jamie said. This apparently leads to “plumper, fuller skin,” E! News reported. It’s also good for relaxation, and diminishes facial tension. “We love to combine cupping with other facial treatments because the increased circulation allows for skin-care products to absorb much more effectively into the skin,” Nurse Jamie said. Sounds pretty good to us.

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