Kim Kardashian Admits to Wearing Diapers

Kim Kardashian Admits to Wearing Diapers
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At this point in life, you probably think you know most things about Kim Kardashian. You’ve already seen all of Kim K—and we mean all of her—and with almost a decade of Keeping Up With the Kardashians under society’s belt, you’ve also witnessed her and her family’s (seemingly) most intimate moments on network television. But, we can’t help but wonder, are we truly seeing the real Kim?

Maybe during the first few years of the show, sure, but now, the Kim we see is an incredibly careful, calculating, media-trained Kim—which makes sense when you spend a good chunk of your life being filmed, watched, and critiqued. So when we sat down with the reality star to ask her a bunch of random questions about her life, we weren’t expecting any crazy confessions or, frankly, anything we didn’t already know. But then, in the last 20 seconds of our interview, Kim K did what she’s always done best: She surprised us.

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During a quick selfie with one of our editors, Kim got straight-up candid about pregnancy, and what it did to her body. “I didn’t know you had to wear a fucking diaper after you have a baby—like, the mom does—for like, a good few weeks. It’s disgusting,” she said, before quickly changing her expression to a serene, calm smile and adding, “But it’s all worth it. Childbirth is so worth it. Except for the diaper.” And, sure, maybe this confession isn’t exactly revolutionary since any woman who has ever delivered a baby knows that a post-childbirth diaper, although completely uncomfortable, is there for a reason: to catch the remnants of the motel your baby was staying in for nine months.

Still, hearing one of the world’s most-recognized faces talk about the less-glamorous side of life is somewhat vindicating. You uterus doesn’t care how famous you are, and and in the many (long) moments before and after childbirth, every woman is on a wonderfully equal playing field, filled with adult diapers, stitches, swollen breasts, and more. So much more.

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