Kim Kardashian Dead? Fashion’s Night Out Date Announced!

Kerry Pieri


  • Kim Kardashian is dead. OK not really, she’s actually just signing off of social media for a day to raise money for AIDS awareness. (Paper Mag)
  • Speaking of, the Kardashians backed out of a debit card deal with MasterCard after the plastic with their faces on it was deemed to have unreasonably high interest rates. So understandable how they would be against conspicuous consumption. Is the sarcasm translating? (Page Six)
  • Fashion’s Night Out is coming back next year. The date is officially set for September 8. Get in line for some Olsen made cocktails now. (FNO)
  • Leighton Meester went out looking like a man, man. But a cute man in Thom Browne. (Splash News)
  • Madonna opened a gym in Mexico City and there are paintings of her face looming over all of it, silently judging you. (Jezebel)
  • InStyle launched so you can shop InStyle’s pics easily. It’s a new online world kids. (StyleFind)
  • Hillary Swank is developing a fashion competition show for the CW. I’m so confused. (NY Mag)

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  • Michael Kors got in on the iPad revolution with a new case (and for the iPhone as well). It retails for under $130. (Michael Kors/Apple)

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  • If you don’t yet have Madonna arms, a Spanx-like company called Ch’arms made sleeves that will make them look skinnier. They scare me. (Stylite)
  • Stella McCartney’s website got a revamp. She gives eco-advice on it now, among other things. (WWD)


  • RT @TimesFashion Eva Herzigova is here at the Pirelli launch, telling Karl Lagerfeld how wonderful he is. He seems to agree. Who doesn’t?

  • RT @dkny [DKNY PR Girl] Dear Assts at BIG Magazines, u cannot just request an invite 2a show. U r not a lone ranger & I don’t think your boss would appreciate it Little fashion kids like shows too!

  • RT @refinery29 Uh-oh: Jill Zarin is launching Spanx type shapewear. Apparently it’s a shapewear sort of day.

  • RT @peoplesrev [Kelly Cutrone] Extending our arms out and up – offering love – what if the entire world made this gesture all at once? Mindblowing! In the best way! XMW Somebody is in the holiday spirit today.

  • RT @CynthiaSteffe Ha someone just told me I sound like Demi Moore… Maybe this cold isn’t all bad! Love a good rasp!

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