Make it Stop: Kanye West Thinks Kim Could be the Next Coco Chanel

First Kanye West boldly proclaimed fiance Kim Kardashian was more influential than First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama, and now he’s claiming she has the chops to become the next Coco Chanel.

“Kanye truly believes Kim can be the next Coco Chanel if she puts her mind to it,” a source told Radar Online. The insider also said: Kim “has spent the past year quietly and secretly educating herself on the subject of ultra-high fashion at Kanye’s behest.”

Wait, there’s more.

West, a noted fashion aficionado, is obsessed with making Kardashian the most fashionable celebrity in the world, the source added.

“Kim began her education with extensive sit-downs with the design brain trust at Rodarte, because Kim wants to evolve to the next level in terms of classiness and taste and luxury … Kim is open to trying new looks and Kanye couldn’t be prouder,” the source told Radar. “The goal is to become a billion dollar couple, and they are on their way.”

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Normally we’d be laughing and eye-rolling our way through this absurd report, but here’s what: We laughed and eye-rolled when we heard Kim was desperate to attend the Met Gala in 2013. Well, that happened.

We also laughed, eye-rolled, and often used words like “HA!” when we first heard the rumor that Kim might appear on the cover of distinguished fashion magazine Vogue. Well, that happened too.

Granted Coco Chanel was an actual designer with legit design skills, but it looks like Kanye West is Kim’s fashion fairy godfather in every way, so who knows what’s worth laughing and eye-rolling about anymore?