Kim Kardashian Just Expertly Shut Down a Troll Who Accused Her of Using Cocaine

Kim Kardashian Just Expertly Shut Down a Troll Who Accused Her of Using Cocaine
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Kim Kardashian is not here for your rumors. Though the 36-year-old pretty much exposes every aspect of her life on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” she is not here to feed into blatant lies. So when a Twitter troll found it amusing to accuse the mom-of-two of snorting lines of cocaine in between Snapchats, Kim knew to shut that shit down immediately.

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On Monday, the E! personality was going about her usual routine, Snapchatting items from her new children’s clothing line, The Kids Supply, for her fans to see. Everything seemed about right: Kim had a floral halo filter on, she used the word, “cute,” about a bajillion times, and her items were exactly what you would expect. (Tiny sandals with faux leopard fur and hand-painted Yeezys were just a couple highlights Kim showed.)

Kim seemed perfectly happy and upbeat per usual, until a troll tried to come for her on Twitter with cocaine-use accusations due to a mysterious streak of white dust on a table in the background of her Snapchat. “Ohhhhhh @KimKardashian caught out with cocaine…durtayyyyy,” the troll wrote in a now-deleted tweet. (Hmm…can’t seem to understand why they deleted it.)

Obviously not having it, Kim expertly clapped back with her own tweet explaining that the mysterious substance was not cocaine, but leftover sugar from her kids’ mini candy party.

“I do not play with rumors like this so I’m gonna shut it down real quick. That’s sugar from our candy mess from dylan’s candy shop,” she tweeted. (Savage!)

Lesson learned: Get your facts straight before coming for Kim.

Score: 1 for Kim; 0 for the Twitter trolls.