Kim Kardashian Wore Cargo Pants and Sock Boots, So We Want Cargo Pants and Sock Boots

Kim Kardashian
Photo: Getty Images

Does the title speak for itself or does the title speak for itself? We all know that Kim Kardashian is a trendsetter to watch, but who would’ve thought that cargo pants would make a comeback in this century? Not us.

Yet, today, we stand corrected.

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Fashion icon KKW was spotted out and about in Calabasas, California recently, sporting yet another suspiciously Yeezy-esque look. Attentive fans have been speculating about a potentially-upcoming Yeezy season 8 release, and since Kim has worn approximately ten million Yeezy-ish designs over the past few days, we can’t say we disagree. (P.S. How many adjectives can we make out of the word Yeezy?)

This “Mean Girls”-reminiscent one was particularly eye-catching, and screams “I’m bringing fetch back” in ways we couldn’t even dream up. Obviously, we’re hauling our butts to the mall as soon as we leave the office today—it’s only right. None for Gretchen Weiners. But all for Kim K.