Kim Kardashian Posts a Shot of Her Breasts, Live from Paris

Kim Kardashian Posts a Shot of Her Breasts, Live from Paris
Photo: Wenn

We’re not really sure Kim Kardashian has a good grasp on the meaning of the word “vibes”—and by not sure, we actually think she doesn’t understand the word at all—but the caption of her recent Instagram post is perhaps beside the point. “Parisian Vibes,” she wrote yesterday, alongside a shot of the bottom of her bare breasts, very flat abs, a pair of black fishnets pulled up to her waist, and a pair of what are probably Re/Done jeans with two buttons undone.

What Paris has to do with this look is unclear, but it is clear that her followers like what they see: The post already has more than a million likes. Not terribly hard to pull off for a woman who 83.8 million followers and counting, but—let’s just say we’re not surprised that people are, uh, vibing on this photo.

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Kardashian is in Paris for fashion week, a fact she happily revealed to IG yesterday (“NYC ➡️ PARIS”). Her trip across the pond has not been without its drama, though: Yesterday, the same guy who attacked Gigi Hadid in Milan came out from nowhere and kissed Kardashian’s actual ass while she was out and about, which did not go over well with her security guard, who wrestled the man to the ground tout suite. But the damage was done, and Kardashian is apparently seeking legal action against her attacker, to which we say—as well she should.

Hopefully the rest of her trip shall be all baguettes and soft cheeses, front-row seats at Givenchy and crepes on the street. We’re sure we’ll get a few more glimpses via Instagram soon enough.

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